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On the Waterfront

The tradition of scrimshaw began over a century ago with American whaleman. During long sea voyages, whalers devoted their idle hours to fashioning jewelry and articles from whale bone and whale teeth (ivory). This became known as scrimshaw.

The art of scrimshaw is still practiced today at Newport Scrimshanders in Newport, RI. Owner/Artist Brian Kiracofe established Newport Scrimshanders in 1987. He has been engraving nautical scenes on ancient walrus, prehistoric mammoth and recycled piano key ivory for over 20 years. He specializes in Newport Scenes and custom designs.The store also carries a selection of Nantucket baskets and ivory antiques.

Visit Newport Scrimshanders year-round on the waterfront in historic Newport, RI on Bowen's Wharf.


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Newport Scrimshander
14 Bowen‘s Wharf
Newport, RI 02840
Brian Kiracofe - Owner/Artist


Store Hours

Summer Hours
10am - 10pm daily

Winter Hours
10am - 6pm daily

Closed on Thanksgiving
and Christmas

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